It is in the silent moments of meditative self-reflection that images work their magic on us. After maybe 100,000 images taken, or 10,000 photographs created, we will wake up to a new part of ourselves. But not just ourselves, but of the collective experience of being human in the time we are in.
— Jenny Ann Holden

Therapeutic Photography

Therapeutic photography is the innovative use of images to reorient and reorganize our perceptions and belief systems towards improved mental and emotional wellbeing. Our suffering often comes from distorted perceptions of self and the attachments we have towards how we want to be perceived (by ourselves and others). In order to shift this we need to populate our conscious mind with ‘true’ or ‘authentic’ images of Self, what I refer to as our Infinite Self.  Generating images that ‘embody’ this innate aspect of ourselves helps us to perceive ourselves, our lives, and our relationships, from this point of view. The creation of these images is an empowering and transformative experience that you can continually return back to when viewing your images.

Therapeutic photography sessions can radically improve our connection to our Authentic Self and lead us into a fuller sense of embodiment. I offer educational resources for photographers who want to explore this aspect of their business. You can run a profitable business creating very meaningful experiences and art for your clients.



My Journey into Therapeutic Photography

I created Infinite Body Photography because I am passionate about helping individuals heal and feel! I began this journey in 2015 after experiencing a series of trauma’s that would change my life. For the previous 15 years I was completely disconnected from my body and spirit as a result of sexual trauma that at the age of 15, I did not know how to process. Like so many of us, I put those feelings in a box and buried them deep within my psyche. Depression and anxiety became my status quo (how we instinctually cope with unresolved trauma) until my body could no longer keep the root wounding secret. For the following three years I used photography and creativity to understand and process the difficult emotions that began to bubble to the surface (and sometimes explode). I began to see myself, my struggles, my stories, and my reactions, in a new light.

Photography is a window into the soul and through taking self-portraits, I was able to integrate a lot of emotional trauma. Photography is a gift that has helped many photographers to heal and restore their relationship to their bodies, mind, and spirits. Hidden within the thousands of pixel's of color, shadow, and light, are powerful stories that want to be told, to be acknowledged, and to embodied. I decided that this was the only type of photography that I was interested in. I have spent years researching embodiment and the relationship between creativity, self-expression and healing. I believe that therapeutic photography will become more and more popular as we collectively come to recognize the importance of telling our stories through our bodies, emotions, and expressions of our true self.