telling your sacred service story

In our firmly established social media era, marketing is no longer about persuasion and promotion, but heart connection and soul engagement–and nothing is more engaging to human beings than a compelling story. If you run a business that is dedicated to health, wellness, personal growth, sustainable products, human potential, or healing, communicating what makes your unique creation ‘sacred’ will leave a lasting impact on your audience . What is your work in service to? Likely, what is most sacred to the work makes your offering unique but also connects you directly to the hearts of those you are aiming to serve.

I work with entrepreneurs in understanding, visualizing, communicating, and sharing their sacred service story.


Journey into Your Sacred Story

Buried within the marrow of your work, lives a breathing life force that connects the magic of you to the magic of the Sacred. I will guide you on a journey that will surface the story that makes your work so unique and special to you. This can be a deeply heart opening pilgrimage, steep in gratitude and reverence for how the Divine Feminine shows her face in all that you do and create. Creating space to acknowledge your own healing journey will create space to travel deeper into the essence of your sacred service story.

I work with clients, primarily female entrepreneurs who are in called to work in service to the Sacred. There are countless ways to do this timely and vital work that is so needed in our world. As a multidisciplinary writer and artist, researched, and strategic planner, I strive to work with each client in promoting the value of your sacred service work to a diverse audience. My Storytelling Services are may include the following:

  • Sacred story surfacing session(s) that provide context and content for taking your sacred service story forward

  • Stylized photoshoot(s), a creative deep dive into your sacred service work

  • Stunning selection of custom created art and stock photographs that tell your work's sacred story

  • Stories/copy that can be used for a wide variety of promotional platforms

  • Website, business cards, brochures, and other types of material

  • Strategic storytelling strategy to reach target audiences

storytelling services from $1,500- $3,000

If you are interested in learning more about sacred storytelling services, please contact me through the following form or via email at

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