Full embodiment, while obscured in modern people, is entirely accessible and recoverable. In our genes and in our cells, it is ultimately who we are.
— Reginald A. Ray

what’s involved in a Therapeutic Photography session?

Therapeutic photography is the innovative use of images to reorient and reorganize our perceptions and belief systems towards improved mental and emotional wellbeing. My therapeutic photography techniques evolved from my own expressive art therapy practice- fine art self-portraiture. With a background in research and public health, I started to research the root of suffering, finding it most often comes from disembodiment and our distorted perceptions or narratives of self.

In order to shift this we need to actively work to reclaim our body and populate our conscious and subconscious mind with ‘true’ or ‘authentic’ images of Self.  Generating images that reflect how we feel when we are in an embodied state—be it joy, peace, gratitude, anger, grief or sadness— helps us to recondition how we perceive ourselves, our lives, and our relationships. Images are meant to be a doorway into the domain of the Higher Self/Soul and are communicative and meditative tools on ones personal journey.

ABOUT infinite body Sessions

By answering the call to return to the Infinite Body, we stimulate our inner nature and begin to receive ‘somatic’ information. This information is what guides us into deeper states of self-awareness, understanding, and acceptance. In IBP sessions we enter the body and nature with awareness and curiosity and begin to journey below the surface. Our sense perceptions come alive and we see and feel much more than we do when we move through our ‘ordinary’ day. The outer landscape and our inner landscape begin to merge within the body and the greater field of reality begins to reveal itself. By diving into the ocean, playing in a stream, climbing a tree or rolling around in the dirt, you begin to feel a freedom and expansiveness that opens up new aspects of your being. The images I create help you to see, and accept, your Wild Self.

Many types of photography sessions can be turned into therapeutic photography sessions, from maternity, newborn, couples/engagement, portrait, boudoir, and even family sessions.