Full embodiment, while obscured in modern people, is entirely accessible and recoverable. In our genes and in our cells, it is ultimately who we are.
— Reginald A. Ray

what’s involved in a Therapeutic Photography session?

Therapeutic photography is the innovative use of images to reorient and reorganize our perceptions and belief systems towards improved mental and emotional wellbeing. Our suffering often comes from distorted perceptions or narratives of self. In order to shift this we need to populate our conscious mind with ‘true’ or ‘authentic’ images of Self, what I refer to as our Infinite Self.  Generating images that reflect how we feel when we are in an embodied state helps us to recondition how we perceive ourselves, our lives, and our relationships.


ABOUT Infinite body SESSIONs

The Infinite Body is the territory of the Self in which healing occurs. We all have an infinite body; we only have to remember how to reconnect. There are many, many tools and approaches to do this from yoga and meditation to plant medicine and hypnosis. The modality of therapeutic photography is a new approach compared to these others methods but provides a door into the soul through very similar processes. By answering the call to return to the Infinite Body, we stimulate our ‘felt-sense’ and begin to receive ‘somatic’ information. This information is what guides us into deeper states of self-awareness, understanding, and acceptance.  

In these session we enter the body with awareness and compassion and begin to journey below the surface. Our sense perceptions come alive and we see and feel much more than we do when we move through our ‘ordinary’ day. Our capacity for imagination is what connects us to our body and the greater field of reality to which we belong. I focus on the body in this way because otherwise our minds will likely run rampant with our preconditioned thoughts. By downgrading the active mind and activating the body and imagination, you are able to increase your embodiment and your Higher Self is able to shine through. The images I create help you to see yourself as you truly are.