Wild Woman Storytelling School

about the school

Wild Woman Stories workshop and retreat offerings are transmitted to me through an always deepening inquiry into wild woman psychology and insatiable desire to create art with  come into being through collaboration with other creatives, visionaries, and artists. Retreats are offered seasonally, and are centred around the collaborative creation of new works of art by instructors and students. Participants have the opportunity to submit their art for the annual publication of the Wild Woman Stories book (launch in 2019).  Wild Woman Stories publications will raise funds for the Wild Woman Collaborative, an organization that supports access to art therapies for women in need and profits for Collaborative members.

the Wild Woman Collaborative

The Wild Woman Collaborative is a network of women identified artists who use story telling to raise awareness about the issues that face the health and wellbeing of women and girls today. Members of the collaborative contribute to the curriculum of retreats and workshops and bring to these offerings their unique voice and raw passion for equality and justice for all women, everywhere. If you are interested in joining the Wild Woman Collaborative, please contact me. 

Summer retreat 

Juan De Fuca Trail, British Columbia

sacred Wilding: Enchanting your sacred Self story

The Wild Soul speaks to and through us, to maintains one's connection to the wild you must ask her, what is the story that you want me to tell?

About the retreat: 

A 5 day retreat for women identified photographers hungry for deep enchantment, deep connection, and deep soul stories. Within every woman is a Wild Woman Story. This inaugural retreat is the first of many to come. It connects any woman who uses visual media, primarily that of photography, to tell a  subaltern story (an original narrative that exists outside of the ‘patriarchy’).

You will have a one of a kind opportunity to learn from and collaborate with powerhouse storytellers who are pushing vital conversations forward in public and mainstream spaces.

You will have an opportunity to co-create a piece of original art that says something new about the role of the Wild Woman in modern society.

You will learn the art, and relevant skills, in narrative storytelling. You will create your own narrative arch, visual storyboards, and execute a story driven photoshoot with the guidance of mentors and instructors.

Theme: Wild Woman: Past, Present, Future

Participants should have an interest in the theme of the retreat and is invested in creating original photographic and/or written content on this theme.

Cost: $900- $1,200

Benefits of investment

  • Learn how to tell stories with dynamic and diverse content

  • Learn how to connect on a emotional level with your audience

  • Build a brand identity that touches the soul of your audience

  • Understand the power of your unique POV

  • Find inspiration in unlikely places

  • Soul nourishing friendships developed with woman from all walks of life

What is included?

  • Includes: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  • Accommodation for 3 nights

  • Learning resources and worksheets developed by co-facilitators

  • All the creative content that you can create

  • Networking time with established photographers and creative professionals



Creative Session Information

re-wilding your soul story


This creative session is a narrative that is rich in Archetypal wisdom that every woman carries around in her bones. There is a distinctly beautiful wild woman story pushing its way to your surface. It bubbles and brews behind thick layers of emotion, and at times, trauma. Our stories, and those of our ancestors, live closer to the surface then ever. Together we will venture into the depths of our shared herstory. We will sit together and write down OUR bones until OUR story emerges. This session invites women to consider the questions they were born to answer and to journey inward in search for a narrative that will connect their waking life to a primordial and ancient story the can tell in any artistic form.


Activating your Wild Voice


This creative session draws the analytical and visual elements of our story together through the written word. When we take time to listen to the nature within and the nature around, the words we most need to hear and say will come to us. Each woman has an opportunity to reflect on what they have created and begin to write a new story (or perhaps pick up the floating threads of an old one). Write poetry, write songs, write performance pieces, write workshops, write anything.


bringing your Wild Self into view

This creative session bridges the art of photography and storytelling, creating a metaphysical playground to create art within. Each woman has the opportunity to create a fine art self-portrait (technical support provided). During the session each woman will be able to assemble a 'scene', drawing inspiration from the first session. Objects of narrative symbolism will be provided but participants are encouraged to bring their own sacred items.