Retreat Sessions

When women gather together in ritual and ceremony, there is a powerful receiving and giving of heart medicine. of bravery, of truth and of courage. When women retreat from their daily lives in order to be nourished within the sacred circle of sisterhood, they reconnect with their higher selves. Holding space for women as they uncover their own medicine is one the greatest blessings I have received in my life. Retreats are growing in popularity because more and more women are called to rediscover their feminine power.

Sacred Self Retreat Sessions can be easily incorporated into a wide variety of wellness and healing retreats. Offerings can be customized to each retreat. Costs of sessions start at $200 per person and are generally added to the total cost of the retreat.


A guided encounter with the Sacred

I guide each participant into a sacred dialogue with their inner landscape through ritual engagement with nature. For this reason, sessions have the most impact when the retreat is being held within a natural surrounding or with accessibility to nature. Session typically last around 1 hour in order for the full experience to be reached.


A safe container for self expression

The depth of vulnerability that women experience when they are on retreat is incredibly deep. These experiences and memories often stay with women for many, many years. I build upon the vulnerability and courage built during the retreat so that participants may walk away from the experience with photographs that capture the depth of their bravery, authenticity, and truth.


Retreat Services

With the rise of the importance of women’s sacred healing work, there is also a rise in retreats that cater to women’s healing work. Each retreat is unique, each caries it’s own unique medicine. I work as a resident storyteller for retreats in a variety of capacities. I work with retreat providers to capture the moments of magic that so often go unnoticed but are profoundly felt by retreat participants. I capture these moments so that you can communicate the true value of taking time to heal, renew and restore.

Retreat services are based on a day rate that starts at $2000 CAD a day.

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