Mentorship Services 

What is the unique story you were born to tell?
What makes your voice unique? 
What is the best way to translate your voice?
How can your daily creative practice enrich your spiritual life?
How can collaborative relationships help you attain broad creative goals?

I mentor/coach from the heart. I mentor with passion. I mentor because it enlivens me to see other creative professions find their soul story. I do not mentor as a professional photographer or writer but as a storyteller. A client once told me that I had the most idea's of anyone she has ever met. I have realized that many of my ideas are not for myself but are transmitted to me so that I can pass them on to those who need support in their creative journey. 


My Mentoring Explores

your Creative Courage

Creativity and imagination is one of the most powerful resources we have to create change within our own lives and the bigger world. Together we will explore the edges of your inner landscape. will dive deep into the spaces where your creative spark comes from and engage with the stories your creativity is here to help you to tell. We will explore your personal and spiritual path and explore creative practices that can help you to overcome some of your fears, barriers, and blockages around sharing your creations. You will become more fully present to the world, as it is and as you wish it to be and learn how to dig through the rubble of collapsing social and economic structures in the pursuit of art.

Your Sacred Self story

Encountering our own sacredness can help us to understand how our creative work touches the souls of those we want our work to reach. Together we will explore your sacred self story- the ways your life experiences and your inner world work together to manifest your authentic self. You strengths, your complexity, your unique journey in life will be explore through a co-created photoshoot in which you get to enliven your sacredness. You will gain a refreshed sense of belonging in the world and to the always widening web of relationships that nourishes your creative life.

your passion and purpose

When we stoke the fires of our passion on a regular basis, the path our purpose is leading us down becomes clearer. Your passion is always unique to your life experiences, together we will explore ways that you can embrace the possibilities in front of you now. We will explore the boundaries you are willing to push through in order to impact the world through your creativity. We will connect these opportunities to how to communicate what you do to a wider audience.

Mentorship SESSION fee - $295 + GST