When you invest in a creative, you paying them for their passion, vision, creativity, and years worth of time and energy they have invested into their craft. A LOT goes into creating my images and my pricing is based on a thorough accounting. I am priced according to what is necessary to meet your expectations of quality while running a profitable and sustainable business. Therapeutic art is an investment, but I think you are worth it! If finances are an issue but you are certain you want a session, we can talk payment plan options.


Session fee’s


Discovery Session- $299 + GST

A 1 hour session where you get to dip your toes into your infinite self! This session is great for someone who is unsure of how deep they want to go into their inner self. Although short, this is a therapeutic photography experience and you will discover new aspects within yourself. At your reveal you will see 10-20 images and select 1 fine art digital image. Only 8 sessions available during each season so register as soon as you are ready to commit in order to receive a mini-session.


Full Session- $599 + GST

A 2-3 hour session where you get a fully immersive journey into your infinite self. This session is great for the person who is looking to connect authentically with themselves, surface innate wisdom and feel deeply nourished in mind, body, and spirit. This is truly an amazing self love experience! We will shoot at one location and you will have two separate looks. At your reveal, you will see 20-30 images and select 3 images to create your digital collection with full printing rights!



Digital Proofs

Digital images and galleries are sold in addition to what is included in the session fee. During your photo reveal you will view a full gallery and have the opportunity to purchase addition individual images, partial, or a full gallery. Individual images are $75 each for a basic edit and $150 for a fine art edit. Digital galleries start at $999 for 15 images.


Print products of your images is the most potent way to deepen their impact. Place a matted print or an album on your alter or in your meditation space. Keep them to show and pass down to your children. I work with professional printing studio’s to provide you with archival quality, heirloom products. In this form, your images will live on for generations and deepen. Albums and folio boxes start at $985, fine art prints start at $69. and glass prints start at $475.