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I work with soulpreneurs (of many varieties) in birthing one of a kind creative content for their healing businesses, products, programs, and events.

In our firmly established digital era, marketing is no longer about persuasion and promotion, but heart connection and soul engagement.

Do you run a business that is dedicated to health, wellness, personal growth, sustainable behaviour change, human potential, or healing? Creatively communicating your story, impact and purpose will leave a lasting imprint on your audience. I create one of a kind fine art photographic, video, and written content for your business, brand, or project.

why invest in creative Services?

Buried within the marrow of your work, lives a breathing life force that connects the magic of you to the magic of the Sacred. Infinite Body Storytelling Services goes far beyond conventional ‘branding’. I will guide you on a journey that will surface the story that makes your work so unique and special to you. This can be a deeply heart opening pilgrimage, creating space to acknowledge and progress your own healing journey will cultivating space to travel deeper into the essence of your ‘brand’ and its impact on the world.

I work with entrepreneurs who are in called to work in service to healing, wellness, social justice, community development, environmental sustainability. There are countless ways to do this timely and vital work—every one of our gifts is needed. As a multidisciplinary writer and artist, researcher, and strategic planner, I strive to work with each client in promoting the value and impact of their work to a diverse audience. Storytelling services from $600- $5,000

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