Image alchemy for telling your soul story


Calling all coaches, witches, alchemists, healers, makers

In our digital era, marketing is no longer about persuasion and promotion, but heart connection and soul engagement. I love working with entrepreneurs who are deeply passionate about the work that they are crafting and bringing forward into the world. Images can become a catalyst in your brand- through these images, you may come to see the essence of your work more clearly.

There lives a breathing life force that keeps your work flowing and evolving.

Infinite Body Storytelling Services goes beyond providing conventional ‘branding’ images. I facilitate a guided journey that will surface the essential story that makes your work unique and special to you. This is the core reason why your customers/clients invest in you! This can be a deeply heart opening pilgrimage, creating space to acknowledge and progress your own healing journey and may cultivating space to touch deeper into the ground upon which you brand’ can have a positive impact on the world.

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