The Huntress : The retrieval of intuition

the role of intuition in the retrieval of women's wild instinct.

This series features Alexa Linton, an intuitive communicator who has used her instinctual connection with animals to support her own quest for wholeness.


The Huntress

Featuring Alexa Linton

Intuition as a lost resource

women have been trained to believe they have no inner knowing. women are trained to forget.  is coded in our DNa through the struggles and trauma's endured by our ancestors. but so  too is our hunger to walk through the world guided by the light of our inner treasures.

The loss of intuition is one of our many inheritances.  The divine gift of being Wild Woman is her wild instinct. We are living through a time when women's senses are coming alive and awakening to the earthly cosmology that resides within. treasure sunken to the bottom of the ocean are rising to the surface. 

In order to benefit from intuition, a woman must dive deep into her subconscious, she must learn to walk, blind at first, along the bottom of the world.  The desire to 'go there' often comes in waves. Just like a strong scent may divert our attention towards something unseen, intuition may confound our senses. But rest assured, just below the surface of the psyche, a portal into the domain of Intuition, waits for any woman brave enough to 'trust her gut'.

The Huntress is an archetypal figure whose mythological roots can be traced back to goddesses such as Artemis, Ishtar, and Medeina.  She is fiercely independent and trusts her instinct. It is not that she does not face doubt, but she knows her way through it. She does not wait for a friendly tour guide to hold her hand through the promise land. She is wise to the ways of the wild psyche, whether she recognizes it. A flicker of light on the horizon is all she needs to hit the road in search for something unknown.

Woman, you will never stop waiting for your soul to come alive

if you do not become Huntress.

We may even spend the entirety of our lives 'killing time' for a moment that will never arise. This is the grief many live out day to day. We have been trained well to hind from the uproarious anger that compels us to wander into the Wild Night.

Without recognizing the value of our Wild Woman Story, we can never hope to begin the dig. Without recognizing that our hearts, no matter how broke, beaten or bruised, holds the map we need to find our way home, we will never journey forward. 

Initiation of the Wild Woman only begins when we let die what must die. That includes the beliefs we hold about ourselves. It may take a life time to disentangle ourselves from the narratives that suppresses our Wild Woman, so we must learn to listen, to trust, to belong to ourselves in new ways. 

Intuition is not to be consulted once and the forgotten. It is not disposable. It is to be consulted at all steps along the way...intuition moves women by small increments, and most often gives direction by conveying clear pictures of what lies beneath or behind the motives, ideas, actions, and words of others
— Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The truest instinct

will teach you to trust even the darkest of dreams. You shall soon learn that you are being guided out of a life too protective type of life.


The way within

requires that you know what you want. You must learn sort seed from dirt and recognize the call that reckons to the wild woman of our soul.


The joyous trust

untangles you from the entropy of doubt, guilt, shame. You will learn to see, hear, and communicate with that which lights you up on the inside.

When we are trusting enough to venture forth into the wilderness we have most certainly seen that there are many, many ways forward. We no longer fell the need to rely on the wisdom and dictates of others. We are sure footed enough to take one step, and then another. We can feel the weight of the wants our arms are carrying while at the same time reaching up and out like a weightless feather whisked across the sky by a spring breeze. But we must also stay connected to the past. We must hold the wants and dreams of our grandmothers close to our hearts so that we may hear what she has to say about the journey ahead. 

Instinct and intuition are never completely lost, only buried over. The hopes and dreams of our ancestors are coded in our DNA. This is the heart of intuition. A recognition that our lives have already been lived and that my virtue of deep listening we become better equipped at navigating through the unfamiliar terrain of a new life lived.

It takes great courage to sit in a room of skeptics and say "I know, I am a Knowing Woman, but I will not tell you how I know because the truth is still buried deep." The likely response, especially from men, is complete disavowal. On a daily basis women are stripped of their innate knowingness. When woman are not blessed to know their ancestral stories, this stripping can become permanent because they have been denied their soul medicine. 

But intuition, just as a story, never dies. We must wear our grandmothers jewelry, smell her favorite flowers, sit in her chair and try to see the world through her eyes. When we do, we are calling in our guides. We are calling in the wild creatures within us that have never been stripped of their deep knowing. 

Jen Holden