Yule Time Reflections and Ritual


The rain falls and nourishes the ground dried  by the long summer months. Mud rises to the surface and the sun is no where to be seen. WE have entered the Dark phase of the year and here on the West Coast of Canada, the return of the Rains is a solemn reminder of the depth of nourishment that is required when the fires rage for too long.


Emotionally speaking, Fire is a transformative power, it wipes clear old debris and creates space for new life. But new life cannot grow unless the earth is made tender again. This can only happen through release and letting go. Although the skies are dark the relentless rain is the gift of nourishment and growth, but this growth we will not see until the darkness has been fully absorbed into the earth and the light returns.


Now seems to be the time for digging in the ground as the earth is soft and tender. We dig for the bones of our ancestors before the cold hardens the surface again. What we can surface now is what we have to sit with in our most solitary of seasons. What we surface now will be the reminder we need of the light we will be returned to in a few months time. 


The Wild Psyche swims with the currents and cycles of nature. There is a time for play, joy, and happiness just as there is a time for sorrow, grief, and going into the underworld. In order to unite our conscious and subconscious and reunite our Authentic Self, we must journey into the underworld. 


The Ancient Alchemists depict the Seeker as a Ship (Ego) journeying down a river, on one side is a City (Conscious) and on the other is a Forest (subconscious), in order to venture from the conscious to the unconscious, which is required in order to heal the Sacred Self or Soul, the Seeker must first fish for their Latent Self.  Depicted in the first Alchemist Emblem as two fish swimming in opposite directions, the Self which becomes the Manifest Self during the process of Sacred Self Alchemy. The Self is that inner figure that personifies the content of our unconscious and exchanges information with the Ego. Before one can venture into the unconscious/underworld they must have a clear image of their Self as an embodied representation of who they truly.


I have struggled in my own inner journey work, often tossed back to the surfaced with deep bruises, because I have yet to create a clear image of my Self. This image came to me during Active Imagination work and is a honest reminder of my vulnerability, sensitivity, and light. It reminds me that I still have work to do before I truly step into my shadows but it also shows me how far I have already traveled and that self-healing begins at birth and carries forward into the next life. I am learning how to celebrate the light and craft it into a thicker armour during this dark season. To let joy and tenderness become salves for my soul.


Winter Solstice Divination Ritual

Yule Time is a perfect portal to realign with the Self as it is the Sabbat that marks the New Year and the return of the light. The Goddess, who has been in her Crone aspect since Samhain, is now once again in stepping into her Mother aspect. She is here to help us rebirth. The following ritual is an invocation of the Authentic Self to show her face and become the beacon of light we need as we rebirth between now and the Spring Equinox.


On the evening of the solstice, place two mirrors on either side of two candles. They should be positioned so they reflect each other.

Turn off the lights and light each candles, as you do so clear you mind and sink in to a meditative space. Invite your Sacred Self to reveal herself.

Wait for a clear image to emerge. Do not grasp to hard at a particular image.

Once you have a stable image, open your eyes and gaze into the mirror.

Search for the seventh reflection in the mirror. There you will see the reflection of your True Self. Invite the Image that you see in the Mirror to meet the Image you captured of your True Self in your Active Imagination.

Journal your experience the the feelings you are left with.

Jen Holden