Gaia, The Dark

Stories provide understanding which sharpens our sight so that we can pick out and pick up the path left by our wild nature. The instructions found in story reassures us that the path has not run out but still leads women deeper into her knowing
— Clarissa Pinkola Estes

This story picks up the path of the Dark Goddess. Ancient spiritual lineages revered and respected her but in modern society, she is misunderstood and feared. She is turned away at our door the moment she arrives. She tends to visit us when we are the verge of breakthrough or breakdown. She hungers for our vulnerability and when we open our doors to her, she summons the opening of a deeper pathway. The darkening of the light reveals how everything is life must contract, and that the darkening period is for rest, and then, when ready, growth. 


The dual nature of life, the perpetual rotation between dark and light poles, creates friction in our selves and surroundings. The shadow self harnesses this friction and turns it into electricity. From this energy we cultivate and grow, shift and foster. When we find points of merger between light and dark we transcend the limited boundaries placed around such luminous forces. 

Our world is currently enveloped in darkness. Entire countries are without power as Mother Earth rages against humanities destruction. Dark men rules dark nations, creating a history that will show the future very little of the light we as a collective are more than capable of creating. So what can we do with all this darkness? We must learn to navigate through it and discern where the cracks are, the spots where light wants and needs to come in through. 

Hope for the future rests in our discovery of light amongst the dark. Whenever the world feels unfair, unjust, or plagued with an inescapable poison, we can summon the Dark Goddess. We can summon Wild Woman. We can move through the dark forest in search for the shadow truth. Working with the Dark Goddess energy requires a major shift in consciousness. Otherwise, the raw anger, rage, and at times, violence, may overcome our vulnerable, and more often than not, wounded psyches. But when approached with conscious awareness, and sisterhood, she can be our most trusted guide through these tough times.

This series is meant to demonstrate how safe passage through the shadow lands of our times is made possible through the guidance of the Dark Goddess. The emergent story is an attempt at telling the story of our time and where Wild Woman, in all her holy manifestations, fits within the future we are dreaming into existence. 

Models: India Dania and Rita Sheena

Jen Holden