Featured Wild Woman: Jaime Peterson

This session is dedicated to the Inner Mystic —
The ripe Sage that falls to the garden floor at the edge of winter —
To the hungry Soul who feasts on the secrets of fog —
And the wise Wild Woman who is not afraid to burn down the old to make room for the new.

The Shoot

The energy of the day began to stir long before the sun hit the horizon. I had arranged to meet Jaime at a café between my home and the location. I had changed the location last minute for I stumbled onto a scene too good not to shoot in. I could not wait.

After many long weeks of dense cloud cover and seemingly endless rains, the blues and pink hues of early winter arrived. Hope sprang a new. As if totally forgotten. This was what I felt stir in my chest at 5:00 am? The plan was to shoot at daybreak. This would be my first sunrise photoshoot and I was overflowing with excitement.

Like usual, I let the inspiration come to me. Jaime and I had already bonded over a shared appreciation of the healing properties of warm turmeric tonic and tarot readings. I was tightrope walking a thin line between worlds as of late. The last full moon of the year rocked me to my core. I was sure some magic got knocked free and if I trusted in her enough, she would guide me. 

We created sacred space, we gave our thanks to the land.  We let sage smudge away the dark energies that claimed the burnt out building that was the starting point for Jaime and I's journey together. The fog that I had watched overtake the North Shore mountain range 15 minutes earlier while we unloaded the car, had already reached us. The veil was indeed thin. 

The fog around us felt like the breath of mother earth cleansing herself. Fires still rage across her skin.  I saw the beauty in this soft yet difficult to reckon with embrace. It is hard to move forward when you do not see where you are going. But we continue on nonetheless

At the beach Jaime's joyful soul came alive (she graciously indulged my dark art making). Water is no doubt her element. Within minutes she tapped in the abundance of the ocean that surrounded us. The City of Vancouver, having been completely overtaken by fog, was invisible.

Jaime's Story

New to Vancouver and having recently retired her corporate job in exchange for a balanced, holistic, and fulfilling life, Jaime says that she wants woman to

“I have been through those dark times. I am ready to live in joy.” I wanted nothing more than to create images for Jaime that would remind her of the journey she has been on to get to this place in her life- ready to claim what is hers. Joy, love, laughter, health, and wellness.

As a holistic nutritionist, Jaime’s soul is nourished by sharing her love of health and wellness. “I started connecting to my own inner cycles and during a time of full burn out, I was all of a sudden lit up inside.”

Can you imagine a world where women who are hungry for deep connection are able to find it no more than a few feet away? There are so many obstacles placed around woman- fear most of all can even prevent a woman from leaving her home in the middle of the day.

As a woman no longer interested in shrinking herself down, Jaime shows us, in this set, what sacred safety feels like. Sometimes we have to find protection in the rubble of what we have destroyed. Letting go, moving on, finding new life, will bring a deeper current. We will flow to that sacred edge, and when ready, leap.