A little about me


My name is Jenny Ann Holden. I call the wild west coast of Canada home. I was raised by the energy of the forest. I was born wild, intuitive, and free.

Three years ago I started to intentionally reconnected to nature based rituals and active imagination practices to access hidden realms within my psyche in order reduce PTSD, anxiety, and manic depression symptoms. Re-wilding my psyche, through the teachings of Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Peter Levine, and David Abrams, as well as through communion with my Ancestors, has set me on a path to help others to transform collective trauma and anxiety.

Drawn to ritual and magic, I am striving to alchemize intuitive and instinctual wisdom through expressive art. I learnt how to use photography, creative expression, body awareness, and vulnerability to self-heal decades of suppressed emotions I was not able to cognitively process.

Healing the sacred self has the potential to stir, transmute, and heal intergenerational trauma. This is especially true for women, as we are living through a time of collective transformation and awakening. This is something I have always been drawn towards. As more women rise into the mysteries of the sacred feminine, more societal change will occur. But first, we must descend into the underground forest of our psyche, we must slip silently from the grasp of Ego, and merge with an earthly cosmology that enliven’s our wild instincts. We must gather our bones and suck out the marrow. We must dig in the muck until we find our stories.

When we are courageous enough to witness ourselves in our authentic fullness we are able to step into our full power. Self-love and acceptance is one of the most powerful medicines we can give ourselves. Seeing ourselves fully, with loving kindness inspires others to show up in similar ways. My art is a sacred remembering, a heart-felt offering from my Wild Woman to your Wild Woman and a reminder of the power of the divine feminine that is within every woman.