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therapeutic embodiment photography to heal and enliven your felt sense and wholeness
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As a storyteller, ritualist, and mystic, I feel and see into hidden realms.

As an intuitive guide, I invite you to embody new depths, access inner wisdom, and transform negative self-image into abundant self-love.



about infinite body photography

The ways in which we see ourselves plays a vital role in how we feel within our bodies and even shapes how we experience the world. By bringing together embodiment and photography, I assist individuals in embodying healing stories that give rise to new perceptions. Therapeutic photography sessions take place in nature, in this way you are invited to explore your primal, wild, and divine nature, deepening your felt sense and invoking universal wisdom through nature connection. Generating images that reflect how we feel when we are in an embodied state—be it joy, peace, gratitude, anger, grief or sadness— helps us to recondition how we perceive ourselves, our lives, and our relationships. Images are meant to be a doorway into the domain of the Higher Self/Soul and are communicative and meditative tools on ones personal journey.


It is so very powerful to be fully seen

I will see and acknowledge you in all your raw, wild, and authentic beauty. I will not doubt or shame your fear, anger, or rage. No matter the trauma you have experienced in your life, your body is here for you now . We can find our way through difficulty, and even crisis, by remembering our natural capacities to journey deep into our inner landscapes. Sessions support your descent into the subtle body, where you can release angst, anxiety, fear, trauma, and doubt. It is also equal opportunity to embrace joy, pleasure, play, and the infinite possibilities of your body. Sessions may not be suitable for those currently experiencing acute mental health symptoms.




Why invest in a Therapeutic Photography Experience?

Our imagination expands and empowers our sense of self. Over a lifetime ones self-image can become very small, limited, and negative. As you journey into deeper realms of healing, you are presented with opportunities to see yourself in new ways. I create portraits that represent an aspect of yourself you may have forgotten or didn’t know existed. From these images poor stories, tales rich in personal power and hidden treasures. The images I seek to make are portal’s into hidden possibilities that present themselves at the edge of your awareness every day. With each image, I hope that you see the totality of who you are and are able to transform your inner image, welcoming in new ways of being in the world.

Working with Jenny feels like moving across the great river marking life from death, waking from dreaming, or what we hilariously think we know from what we know we don’t know. The embodied, in-mother-nature experience of approaching the river of mystery, entering, being enveloped, swimming, dwelling, deepening, wandering, lingering, all the while moving and crossing, then surfacing, fully emerging, and stepping onto and resting on the other shore. This dynamic in itself, this process, is the sacred stuff.
— Chantell

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My experience with Jenny was nothing short of miraculous. Our conversation and dive in with one another was fluid and profound which created a solid foundation for which we would build off of for the day. Jenny is so present and looks for the magic in your story as you share. Her gifts to truly see someone are unparalleled. As we began our session, it felt more like cosmic dance of creation. From one idea to the next, we came together to create some powerful imagery. Jenny’s commitment to honest storytelling was so deeply felt and I instantly felt safe in her presence to go deep in my vulnerability. Through the experience, I could feel things shifting energetically. I felt empowered. I felt worthy of being seen. I felt magical. This all came through Jenny’s gentle guidance and constant support. I am still in awe of some of the captures she created on that special day last spring. This experience is one I would highly recommend. To work with Jenny is to find your heart inspired and your story honoured in all ways. The visual medicine of her work transcends the human experience and serves as a potent reminder that we are all limitless.
I have never met an individual so professional, so motivated, so clear on her vision, and so humbly talented. Her skill is all-encompassing. When I saw some of her work, I was shocked at how far I saw myself let go into the movement.
My experience with Jenny was nothing short of transformative. She created such a safe and comfortable space for me to release all I needed to. Seeing the the images that she had captured was changing moment as I’ve never seen myself in the light that she captured... soft, fierce, and feminine. She has undoubtedly tapped into her dharma and creates magic with every snap.
Her photos are amazing, and her approach is not only telling a story of growth and beauty. Its also spiritual, and healing. Her healing photography has brought light back to me while I was in a very very dark place.
Working with Jen was an adventure into the senses. She captures the wild, raw & beautiful with her skilled eye and creative brilliance. Her passion for cutting-edge art highlighted my session with her. My inner wild woman felt very comfortable in front of her lens.
I’ve been lucky enough to work with Jen and it was an amazing experience!!! So much more than just a photo shoot. She is artistic, intuitive and a beautiful story teller. I really felt deeply empowered, like a beautiful wild woman. I highly recommend working with her.
Loved my photo shoot with Jenny Ann Holden. My body is tingling thinking of the importance of this work. A medium of expression which is so needed!Those who have come through trauma the other side re-birthed are driven to guide others. Your offering is a TREASURE. To hold space for women as they express their pain and RELEASE.